Say Hello to CashFlo.

CashFlo is a mobile application which allows you to earn real USD, just by sharing your unique code with your friends and network.

Earn Rubies and Gold

Earn and store your Rubies and Gold with automated Generators and Storages.

Share with Friends

Every person you refer to the CashFlo App earns you Cash!

Level Up

Upgrade your Generators, Storage and Bank to increase the amount of Cash you earn!

Withdraw Cash

Convert your Cash to USD and send it to your PayPal account.

Keep Track of Your Referrals

CashFlo helps you keep track of all your your Referrals. You will know which friends have joined CashFlo, and exactly how much Cash you were rewarded for each Referral.

Withdraw your Hard Earned $$$ to PayPal

Once you are ready to Withdraw your USD, you can send it straight to your own PayPal account. You can see every transaction from within CashFlo.

Play. Share. Earn.

Download the CashFlo app now and start earning Cash!

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